TRC Karen
This is TRC's Karen, a cross of the fabled Sharon Widow with Texas Hammer. I know the pics ain't the greatest, sorry.

Anyway this is my smoke report on Karen. I realise some will have a problem with this as I grew her, so I am inclined to be biased, so I' have someone in mind to do a fair one after the harvest and a proper cure.

Appearance: light green with massive hairs and as you can see, tons of crystals, just flat loaded with trichs.

smell: kinda fruity, with fresh roasted coffee and skunk undertones.

Taste: the intake is roasted coffee and pine with skunk underneath it all. Yhe exhale is pure pine. Must say for a quick 3 day dry, this little nug had no green taste to it at all.

Potency: ok, we ain't big time smokers here y'all. Back in the day when we bought weed, we only went thru a 1/4 bag a week. When ya got as many kidz as we do, smoking mass quantities is some thing you used to do back before ya had to buy new clothes about every 6 months, not to mention books and school and the other normal day to day living expenses. So we don't have high tolerance levels at all. Missus and I each took 3 hits off that pipe. I was feeling it on the 3rd hit, wife caught a rush so hard she had to sit down. After about 5 minutes felt like a heavy hand on my head pushing me down. After 10 minutes I noticed my back didn't hurt any more, really relaxed. It's been about an hour now and I'm still totally buzzed, a nice total relaxing body buzz. This is definitely the best I've smoked in many a day, and it's still not ready for harvest, all the trichs are crystal clear still. I'm really wondering if I'm gonna let her go 50/50 aber/cloudy......naw I ain't really, got to have some that will knock out a heavywieght back ache or for headaches. This is definitely a good med strain IMO. Wife had a wrist surgically rebuilt 3 years ago and it pains her a lot, and she's sitting here doing her crochet so it loosened her up pretty good I think.
Update: we did let her go 50/50 cloudy amber and OMG....the most mind and body numbing smoke I ever had. #1 smoke of all time, not that we have smoked a lot of quality herb, but this is the most potent weed we ever have toked..