Magus Genetics Warlock Mix
Bag appeal: Very nice, tons of red pistils, frosty as.

Smell: Very sweet berry

Smoked in : a big old fat hogleg

Taste: Before sparking, sweet strawberry and a slight pine. On the inhale, slightly floral and strawberry. Exhale was kinda hashy.

Lung Expansion: Immediate

Effect: Immediate

Potency: OMG am I stoned. I gotta go chill a bit. I'll add some when I get a little less high. Not a good wake and bake. I am way too stoned.................I'll finish this when I'm more functional.
Ok, a little more in control now. The Magus was just an incredible narcotic, trippy buzz. Got rushes so strong it felt like I was kind of spastic, twitchy.....mind was going a million miles an hour.....had to go lay down, felt like I was melting/sinking thru the mattress, and yet I could feel my heart just hammering away. Very trippy weed, and not to be overdone. This is serious couchlock stuff. Get the munchies real bad, inhaled 3 fried eggs and 2 pieces of home made sourdough bread toast with butter and honey.. If I had to pick a favorite of the 3 I had the pleasure of trying, this would be it, but next time we won't overdo it. Really liked the strawberry flavor on this, quite unique. Second most potent weed ever smoked.

Edit: this report was done several months ago