Apollo Mist
Bag appeal: oh hell yes. Tight hard little nugs with so many red hairs, and crystally even without the glass.

Smell: Sour skunk

Taste: on the inhale I thoght it was incense or perfume, katsmeow thot it did not have much taste. On the exhale, I thot it was kind of fruity.

Lung Expansion: oh yeah, immediately.

Potency: Two hits knocked us out, caught a rush and had to put the spoon down. Really gets you high fast, just picks you up and bam, you're stoned. Not couchlocky, altho I could see it being so if consuming too much. Good creative buzz, getting into working on the puter. This is perfect smoke to come home from work and partake of, get rid of a little stress and tension, yet still be able to deal with life as long as ya don't overindulge