Here is how my indoor hydro setup breaksdown

TK's Closet setup
I grow indoor organic hydro, as close to 100% organic as possible.

Closet A - 4'x4'x9'
Clone/propagation area:
(1) Aerocloner 20 site aero cloning rig
(2) 10x20 seedling trays, 8" and 2" humidity domes
(3) 24" Daul bulb Agrosun flouros
(2) 6” Fans

Veg area:
(1) 150w metal halide
(1) 250w metal halide
(1) 400w metal halide
(2) 2'x2' Ebb/Flow table w/20 gallon res.
(1) 6" fan
(1) 9000btu portable air conditioner (when needed)

Closet B - 4'x4'x9'
Flower room
(1) 3'x3' Ebb/Flow table with 40 gallon res.
(2) 600w HPS Hortilux Air cooled fixture
(1) 440cfm Canister fan with 6" duct.
(1) 6" fan
(1) 440cfm Canister fan with 6” duct pulling a/c throughout the closet system.

The two closets are side by side and I have created a duct between the two rooms where the exhaust fan in the flower room pulls (a vacuum) the a/c air through the system and regulates the temperature at 82-88 degrees in both rooms. I run lights at night to beat the Texas heat. No light leaks, no air leaks except a little at the door hinges and under the door but other than that I seal them up tight. 40-50% relative humidity all the time but can drop it to 20-30% pretty easy for the end of flower push. The second canister fan just pumps the a/c and static air to the other room to regulate temps and circulation.

I use Pure Blend Pro Veg and Flower, Liquid Karma, Cal-Mag, Silica Blast, Hydroplex and Sweet and sometimes Hydrogaurd and Clearex. All are from Botanicare/American Agritech .

I also have a 8 x 8 greenhouse coming on line in the next month or so.

That were she is right now