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    Thread: Complete Propagation Tutorial

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      Thumbs up Complete Propagation Tutorial

      Here is the Breedbay Guide to Propagation.

      This thread will be split into categories to enable you to find the best method to suit your space or budget, starting with basic propagator techniques and progressing through to aeroponic cloning methods. This Guide is designed to help you propagate either seedlings or cuttings with ease.

      Starting Seeds.

      When starting Seeds it is best to be completely prepared first, It's no good starting seeds without the proper equiptment to keep them happy once germinated. Nearly all of us at some point in time have started some seeds and simply let them develop on a window ledge, resulting in a tall stretchy useless plant. This is due to the quality of light your seedling receives during the early stages of development, if your seedling isnt receiving the right amount for good growth it will stretch to try to get closer to the light source.

      So, If you are planting your seed outdoors, think about your situation, do you have a well hidden space/greenhouse or polytunnel to grow on your seedlings once you've started them indoors, if you want your plants to finish short for security reasons it would be best not to plant them out till end of summer, this will only give them a few weeks of good sun to develop size before days shorten and flowering starts, keeping them fairly short and covert. This will differ from strain to strain and regions, as different levels of light and stretch patterns of individual strains will require a little practice to get this right. If you arent concerned about the finished size then plant out early summer and maybe train your plants through a screen to manage size.

      Indoor Growing

      We'll assume you have a space set up to grow on your plants after you germinate them, with a timed light source, good extraction and your space MUST be light tight, So you are in control of light and dark cycles. FLourescant lights are the cheapest way of growing a few plants indoor.

      Propagation Procedure.

      Right, What do I Need to start my seeds? To start your seeds off and ensure they stay healthy you will need the following equipment:

      1x Propagator (preferably a thermostat controlled heated one)
      1x 1L of Loose Coconut Coir ( Or a folded clean wet towel)
      ?x propagation cubes ( jiffy pellets, root riot cubes or rockwool cubes) same amount as you have seeds
      1x Jug of Tepid water ( room temp)
      1x White/Blue Light source. ( 50-150 wats will be fine, CFL Tubes are best)
      1x Timer - to control light cycle to 18/6
      1x labels or marker pen to label each seed ( especially if you are using different strains at same time)
      1x PH Test KIt
      1x Ph Down solution.

      Getting Started

      Firstly we need to soak our propagation Cubes, if using rockwool this will need to be done with PH 5.0 the night before you plant to germinate your seeds.(as rockwool's natural PH is between 7.5-9.0, which is very unfriendly for plants).After soaking , overnight , test the ph of the water to indicate the Ph of the soaked cubes. If using jiffy pellets, simply line them in a tray and wet them they will expand to 3" high when fully hydrated. Root Riot cubes are ready to use strain Also soak your seeds in a seperate glass/jug for 1 day before planting, this will give them a faster start.

      Setup your Light on the timer for 18 hours on and 6 hours off, 6am to 12 pm is ideal. mount your light above your propagator and switch both on.

      Line the bottom of your Propagator with the 2L of wet coir or your folded wet cloth/towel - this will ensure a constant high humidity level and the trichoderma bacteria that most coir is impregnated with will also nourish and stimulate your new roots once formed.

      So now you are ready to place your seeds (carefully) into the holes provided in your cubes or make an impression with a pencil for the seed to be placed into, roughly .5" deep.

      Now, place your cubes into the propagator and close all the vents. Viola! You have just begun your germimation process.

      Keep an eye on your seedlings, good quality seeds will start after 1 - 3 days. Once you see the seed sprouting up through the top of your cube, lift each cube to check if it has a tap root emerging from the bottom of your cube, it is best to replant into larger cubes or transplant into pots before this tap root gets too long, as unrestricted tap root growth will result in vigorous growth. Keep yuor plants under your flourescant light for at least 3 days after transplanting, do NOT place them directly under a Hot light source too early, this will shock them and result in stressed , stunted seedlings or even death. Humidity is the key to healthy young plants, 50-60% humidity is ideal for young vegative plants.

      Hardenning Off

      As your young seedlings have been used to a high humidity environment, once transplanted slowly get them used to drier air over the 3 - 5 days, move into a larger [propagator with 1/2 vents open and gradually open vents further each day tillthey are used to drier air, rushing this stage will not do you or your seedlings any favours.

      You are now ready to transfer into your chosen growing system, whether it be Soil or a hydroponic system.

      Please Note! If using standard non feminized seeds, Do not plant into beds where all plants roots are in same bed or container, as if you get males you will damage the females when pulling out the males. Until you know the sex of each plant keep in a seperate pot so you can remove from your growroom with ease.

      Next Section Covers - Successful Cuttings
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