I was thinking about how to Catch pollen from my Male Twilight, and I came up with a pretty good Idea. i thought I'd share It with The community maybe some one else will benefit from this.
All you need is a sharp Knife, 1 5 gallon paint can liner, and 1 clothes pin the kind with a spring.
heres a pic of the paint can linerIMAG0056.JPG

First you cut it like this (cut also where the red line is it makes it easier to get around the plant)IMAG0057.JPG

next place it around the plant like so(make sure to get the stem in the hole in the middle that you cut at least 2x the size of the stemIMAG0058.JPG

should look like thisIMAG0060.JPG

then over lap one side over the other and hold in place with the clothes pin like soIMAG0061.JPG

Finally heres what you gotIMAG0062.JPGIMAG0063.JPG

Now this should catch some pollen I guess We'll see. I'll post again when I've caught some pollen