3000 Watt Cool tube Attic growroom

Here you'll find 3000watts of Flower Power overtaken by TEAM GREEN AVENGER.
That intake down there is powered by an Elicent 265cfm inline fan. Hanging in the center there is a 265cfm Dayton squirrel cage fan pooling air. Three Hydrotek 24" Chrome cool tube reflectors disperse the light just as well as my old Supersun reflectors, maybe better. These cool tubes are only $130 each from Maryland Hydroponics. They sell 18" ones from $99. Cheapest around I do believe. If you run a MH bulb in them as I have in the center you notice the bulb vibrates a little as there is only a 1" clearance between bulb and glass which causes a little turbulance. I'll be purchasing a 1000hps ballast soon and replace all three bulbs with Sunmasters.

Lights are cooled from a 440 Vortech fan w/speedcontroller which gets air directly from the vented eaves in the roof. Behind that Dayton squirrel cage fan is an Elicent 309 cfm inline that I have'nt needed to turn on yet. Outdoor temp of 50f and I have'nt needed to turn on the 10,000btu AC unit built in wall (not shown)

More later and with more detail then ever before.......