Here's some local Afghani that's been in town for quite some time. Oldskool Afghani lovers will remember this one right off the bat when the jar is popped! Super musky/hashy/"afghan" smell at first, then an underlying diesely tone is there, too. The taste is pure hashy/afghan with that wonderful aftertaste that makes ya' pucker yer lips yearning for another toke. Once again, olksool lovers of this strain will KNOW right off the bat that this one is from the past when the high hits you. AND IT HITS YOU WITHIN THE FIRST SEVERAL TOKES OFF THE JOINT. Straight to the forehead at first, then comes the body. OH THE BODY, it's got such a nice balance of euforia/couchlock EVER. I love it. Great for relaxing and mellowing out with friends. You tend to say stupid shit if you overindulge on it, too. Then it's . It closely resembles any good Kush, but with less of that lemony/fuely "Kushy" taste we all love. The highs are VERY similar, however.

Peace friends,