This strain was one of my favorites when I was in Amsterdam. I always liked it's spicy taste and nice buzz so I decided to run her now that I am a weed snob extraordinaire. I say that not in cockiness but I smoke A-13 Bubble and my tolerance is a bit higher than back then.

I also wanted to run her next to Jillybean, JTR, and SpaceJill to compare an old favorire side by side. Sunycheba was nice enough to grow out a pack and select the best pheno. You'd think the most famous breeders in the world wouldn't have variation but I learned long ago that's a newbie myth or a brilliant marketing scheme. There was 3 different type and Suny choose the best smelling and most resinous.

The yield on the plant was spectacular with uniform growth and a total yield of almost 6 ounces. The buzz is very good and equal to our Connie or Nssk but the flavor lacked and after a few weeks in the jar it faded to a tar/pine/spice smell that was less than remarkable.

If your looking for a kick ass yielding strain with a great buzz this strain isn't bad but as far as taste and bubble making ability it failed our criteria and was culled from the heard after three runs.