Heya pistils... i love the progress you are making and the numerous hard work you are doing.. I am dedicating this thread to you and have everyone comment on the hard work and time you have commited..sorry if anyone may think this is a waste of bandwidth, but this mf'er deserves a huge thank you... sorry if there is a thread around here doing so already, but I have done soo much exploring and haven't found it..


Thank you for the hard work you are doing.. security, trying to get a grow faq, doing those 101 and everything, auction, admin and regulating, chat... and whatever things i don't know about...fuck man whatever i can do...name it.. i want to try to help you and this community..whatever you need man...whatever you need..please disregard my choice of words, but I really don't know how to stress it anymore

thank you sub/tga...pistils...woohoo..

(ps dont worry plan b you guys and gals know i love you as family...seriously anthin ya guys want ill try to be your man and get shits done..)