There had been a thread or two posted on OG and CW on the topic of the proper way to ship clones but I thought I would post one here that I first composed over at the Mag for all to benefit from. However, I cannot take credit for this technique as an old member of ICMag by the name of The Danimal shared this with me originally. So, the credit goes to him.

It would be naiive of us to think that while it is against many growing website's rules to do so, shipping of clones doesn't occur all of the time in all parts of the world. But what is the best way to do this?

There are certainly many ways to ship clones. Some ship the fresh cuttings in water. Some simply wrap the base stem of a fresh cutting with a damp paper towel after applying a rooting compound to the cut. I rooted these cuttings in Rapid Rooters so this procedure deals with already rooted cuttings exclusively. Although it would probably work as well with Jiffy Pellets since they are similar in size, I've found that I've had greater success in rooting clones in Rapid Rooters as they provide a bit of food for the cutting and hold moisture better than Jiffy Pellets.

Step One:

Starting with a tray of freshly rooted clones, you will need paper towels, empty toilet paper rolls, properly PH'd water, masking tape, two large "zip lock" freezer bags and a box large enough to hold the clones for shipping.
Clone Shipping 1.JPG

Step Two:

Take a single white paper towel (no colored flowers or inks) and wet it with the PH'd water solution. In my case, my solution also had a little Superthrive, 1 mil. of Advanced Nutrients Fulvic Acid, 1 mil. of AN's Voodoo Juice and a drop or two of dishwashing liquid in one gallon of distilled water PH'd to 6.3. After wetting the paper towel, ring out the excess water and fold in half and in half again until you have it shaped approximately 3" x 8" like in the pic below.
Clone Shipping 2.JPG

Step Three:

Take your clone and wet the Rapid Rooter lightly with a spray bottle but DON'T wet the leaves as this could cause mold. Take the folded, wetted paper towel and wrap it around the Rapid Rooter.
Clone Shipping 3.JPG

Step Four:

Take a piece of masking tape long enough to wrap around the Rapid Rooter more than one full time as the tape doesn't want to stick to the wet paper towel. So, you need to overlap onto the tape so it will stick.
Clone Shipping 4.JPG

Although there is not a pic of this, I also folded the excess paper towel at the bottom against the Rapid Rooter and taped it securely to keep it from unfolding. This should protect the bottom of the roots and also keep excess paper towel from hanging out of the bottom of it's shipping container.

Step Five:

Insert the now bundled clone into the top of an empty toilet paper roll. This is a bit of a chore as it is a rather tight fit. Be gentle as you don't want to damage any of your new vulnerable roots. However, this also serves to hold the Rapid Rooter securely to help protect the clone during shipment. Push the wrapped base of the clone all the way down to the bottom of the empty roll.
Clone Shipping 5.JPG

Step Six:

With the clone now inserted into the empty toilet paper roll, gently tuck the leaves and foliage into the top of the roll, being careful not to crush or break the meristem. For this reason, it is certainly best to take clones that are 2" - 3" tall so that they will fit inside the roll.
Clone Shipping 6.JPG

Step Seven:

Take another single paper towel and cut it into sixths (in other words, 1/6th of a paper towel - six pieces). This will give you a piece that is about 3" x 4" and place that over the top of the roll with the clone inside and tape it all the way around. This will protect the clone and still let it breathe.
Clone Shipping 7.JPG

Step Eight:

Then take another piece of masking tape at place it across the bottom of the roll to keep the clone from sliding out the bottom.
Clone Shipping 8.JPG

Step Nine:

Now that you have got your clones into the empty toilet paper rolls and secured, it's time to put them into the first ziplock freezer bag. I wanted to make sure that the rolls didn't roll around inside the bag. So, I put three or four in the ziplock, centered in the bag and taped the first four securely TO the inside of the bag. Once I had the first four secure, I stacked the rest in there neatly and then taped them to the first four I had secured.
Clone Shipping 9.JPG

Step Ten:

Now that all the clones (nine of them in this case) are secured inside the bag, exhale into the baggie to partially fill it up with CO2 and then seal it. This should also help them survive the two or three day journey.
Clone Shipping 10.JPG

Step Eleven:

Take the now semi-inflatted bag of clones and insert it into a second zip lock bag. This is the reason you DON'T want to fully inflate the first bag as it is a bitch to get the first bag into the second one as it is, let alone if it were totally full. I chose to insert the zipped end first into the second baggie. You can do whatever you want.
Clone Shipping 11.JPG

Step Twelve:

Now all thats left is to pack your securely wrapped baggie of clones into your box of choice for shipping. In this case, my box was a bit bigger than the baggie so I filled in the open spots with packing peanuts.
Clone Shipping 12.JPGClone Shipping 13.JPG

Well, thats about all there is to it, folks! In an age where persecution for such acts is right outside our doors, it makes sense that if we are going to take the risk to generously share our herb with the world at large, we should at least make sure they get to their appointed destination in one piece!

Now, this is certainly not the ONLY way to send clones and I'm sure many of you already have a method that works for you. I just wanted to share The Danimal's method that he so graciously shared with me. Breedbay didn't have any threads on this topic so far so I thought I would help pass it on for all others to learn from as well.

I hope that this information has been informative if not useful to you. I will be posting more informative "how-to" type threads in the future. Thanks for your time and be safe and keep it green! Peace