I found this in a wholesale garden supply catalog from a hydro store. I always wondered how the different lights stacked up so I thought someone else might like this info.

The lumen output is the same for each of these five scenarios shown below. Each represents a total lumen output of approximately 50,000

1. 1- 400w HPS hid
2. 10- 4 ft. 54 watt t5 H.O. Fluorescent
3. 3.5- 200 watt eco plus compact fluorescent lamps
4. 42- 4 ft. 40 watt T12 Fluorescent
5. 84- 60 watt uncandescent (standard household bulbs)

I would love to see a grow with 84 60 watt bulbs. 5040 watts of power for just 50000 lumens. damn that would be a site to see.