I'd like to welcome all new members to the BreedBaY Community.

My name is Pistils and i am the site admin, so i am here to help with anything you may need. This site's aim is to invite as many of the Cannabis Seed breeders that feel they want to offer direct proactive support to their customers and to showcase their strains with current images and any new developments in the pipework.

Too many Breeders are selling seeds with 10 year old+ pictures, which do not represent the plants they will end up with from the seeds purchased, I personally feel this isnt good enough... I mean , you wouldnt buy a new VW beetle if the garage only had pictures of the original Beetle..

We already have Full support from Subcool Seeds and all the members of TGA (The Green Avengers) So if you are interested in Subcool seeds and want to ask anything relating to their seeds, simply go to the TGA Forum and post your question. Either Subcool, Sunycheba, TGA Badboy Or the Lovely MzJill, will be more than happy to answer your questions and are here everyday, so you won't have to wait very long to get your answer.

As New Breeders Join us in our drive to improve the quality and information level of the Seed Industry, we will create them each their own forum, so keep your eyes peeled for any new Breeders Categories. If you buy from 1 breeder regularly and always get quality, please feel free to request us to invite them to join in... we're all friends here, we don't want to fight, we simply want to shed some light...

BreedBaY Future...

Some of you are fresh members and some will have joined us previously , before our catastophic hardware failure, as this is our 3rd home now... the 1st was poor and completely lacked and stability, i had to move to a new host, but the move was quick and quite painfree. Then for the past 5 weeks we have had our own dedicated server which was fast, solid and after being tweaked, was fault free...Up until dec 18th 11.40pm Uk time, the powersupply spiked and blew the memory and hardrives up!!

I have spent the past 3 days non stop in talks with hosting companies and securing a deal for our current server where it sits today...

P4 2.8ghz processor
1gb ddr memory
2x 250gig hardrives

and auto daily backups to a seperate backup and database server
so no more data loss. I have been nearly in tears while BreedBaY was offline, knowing that our thriving community was homeless. All is now back up and fully functioning. Please report any bugs/problems with uploads etc.. as this is a fresh install , i am still tweaking server settings toput an end to any errors.

Welcome To BreedBaY

To our existing members.. Thankyou for your patience in this matter. I really appreciate your support.