Subcool. Some of you may follow my work behind the camera and some may not be familiar. I have been a grower and toker for 30+ years. I lead a team of breeders in a search for better hybrids. I was invited to introduce our new strains for 2006
I am lucky enough to be engaged to MzJill so we work closely as a team.
We have several proven hybrids and also new creations in the works, our main goal when making a new strain is to either to combine the characteristics of two strains or to replicate as close as possible a clone only phenotype and provide these to the Medical Cannabis Community. When combining strains it is usually to work in better or different taste such as a high potency variety such as Jack's Cleaner using Blueberry, or adding purple color to a high potency strain such as Apollo-13 using Black Russian like we did with our Sputnik lines. When combining hybrids there is always variation but with proper selection and a good genetic pool and lots of tracking new hybrids can be created that are remarkably stable and just phenomenal flavors and potency combining the best of both parents

Jill is an extremely accomplished hydro grower and her first donation to TGA was the Black Russian and the Orange Velvet, recently she regained her Sweet tooth #3 and her First cross Jillybean is an amazing combination of Orange and Pineapple and Mango with a short dense plant structure that delivers large yields.

Sunycheba is our Purple division, working with the Purple Black Russian male and JCB. He is responsible for Lemon Freeze, Neon Super Skunk and Double Purple Doja just to name a few.

Badboy works with Hash Plant and Killer Queen. and is also a very accomplished hydro grower.

I focus on new male selection and finding the perfect father for JC. My Greatest joy comes from teaching others the art of Dank if you have any grow questions, Subcool, MzJill and TGA can be found right here.... posting pics almost daily so do drop in..