have a look at what cuddy has poppin in the lab

first plants are trc sweet13 growing in multiflo hybrid buckets using 10" bucket insert filled with higromite. ebb n flow cycles every three hours during on time and every 6 during off time .
these girls are being fed house and garden aquaflakes along with their whole bud xl package ..
they are about 40 or so days old from seed in these pix . they were started under t5 flouro in soil filled oasis cubes watered with pbp and rhizotonic until they were old enough to be hit full strength with the h&g ..
the plan with these is to grow trees i flipped them 12/12 today because the tall pheno was at the pre determined height for flowering .
today she was leafed to allow more light to penetrate to inner bud sites .
she is currently under 1k and will have an additonal 3x 600 hps hanging naked around her and the bushy pheno .

next pix are the smaller bushy pheno , she has not been topped or pinched . the laterals are passing the top and it is forming a nice bush . tomorrow she will be leafed and trained . she also has a 1k light above her and will benefit from 3 more 600 hps side lighting her ..

stayed tuned for some subcool gear lots more coming tonight brb