Before I start this article I have to post this disclaimer

*****Warning Butane is highly explosive and can blow you the fuck up if you do something stupid. Always perform this outdoors and away from all flame spark or static charges.*****
***** There are minute traces of nitrates and other compound sin butane that are harmful. Make sure you always use at least triple filtered butane or better.*****

A few crops ago when we had to move due to tear down and set up we ran short of medicine so I contacted O”kief about there butane extraction tube. Much to my surprise they offered me a new model for free if I would just test it and do a thread on over grow.
I have an O'kief tumbler as well these guys are great to do business with.

As with Bubble Hash, quality in means quality out. I like to use primo sugar leaf I have previously scuffed for kief. I also use the stuff that collects in the corner of my trey.

One trick I use to control quality is to run three full tubes of shake with 1 large can of butane. I simple run it through till I see liquid butane run out bottom for say 5-10 second and then I stop adding more butane and allow it to dry out. I have an air gun I force out access with. I then quickly fill tube again and do it twice more.

You can see how nice the Okief tube is 100% stainless and the top stopper is made from chemical resistant surgical grade rubber.

You can see the butane coming out in a yellow color. When you can see visible resin on the leaf you will see results like this.

Once you empty the can and collect the liquid butane in a Pyrex dish or as I used a thick ashtray with a flat bottom. You can place this in warm water to speed evaporation of butane. Allow to sit about 3 hours then transfer to a vial using razor blades and a hair dryer.

Dont eat the yellow snow!

After a few hours

I don't think this will get you high?

Saved to allow last of any gas to escape