Conquistador has taken on almost legandary status due to her smell, potency, and size, Did I mention Size. The damn thing is huge.
A cross of the Cuddlefish Hash Plant X Ortega C99. You will get to veiw both of these parent strains before this thread is done.
Most of these picture were taken at the first run of Conquistador and the Astroboy strain. This is a remote grow in Canada. Keep in mind these giant plants are being attacked by mites so bad they scared away the lady bugs and badboy says they actually bite.

Avid imune Borg are no fun. The plants are doing very well even with that.

I must state that these shots were not taken by me so there are not as clear as I would like and we have fresh pics on the way but you guys have to see Connie on her maiden run...

BTW Suny Coined the Name Conquistador I thought it cocky and presumtuous but it absolutly fits the regal strain that I now call simply Connie