Ok there is a clone that floats around the inner circles called DAB. It is a cut with mass baggage including my own personal story.

First A/B hybrid is a old weed guru that unless I am mistaken did some of the first selfing work and used to actually sell STS on c-bay.

A/B carries the following claims

First just the fact its supposed to be an Oregon Thai is suspect.
The emerald triangle funk is again a little hard to swallow but man would that be cool if its real.

DAB stands for Dank ass Bitch
false I understand it is a forced herm self B X A =D

It is true breeding for its purple trait and potency
We will see.

It may or may not pass on herm traits.
I will find out

lets look at some pictures of Dab buds before we look at seedlings and the story goes on.