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    Thread: Options For Hydro Growers

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      Default Options For Hydro Growers

      Hydroponic Grow Mediums.

      If you have decided to grow hydroponically, you have a wide choice of grow mediums to choose from. Ill list which types and their typical use for cultivation.

      Coco Coir - This is the outer husks from coconut plantations, it has been washed and shredded, combed, cleaned, aged and bagged for worldwide distribution. It has very good qualities as it has good cation exchange and can hold a reserve of nutrients for the plant to use after feeding, but doesnt lock in any elements (unless constantly heavy fed without flushing between feeds). It also harbours beneficial mould trichoderma, which have a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Usually used in pots fed by flooding the container holding numerous pots or a drip feed system.

      Perlite - Volcanic rock which is crushed and treated to bleach it white, aids drainage in other mediums such as coir and soil cultivation. Can be used as primary media but can dry out very quickly and is prone to algae and mould growth.

      Baked Clay Pebbles - aka growrox these are fast becoming more and more popular for hydroponic cultivating as they can eaily be re-used after a thorough wash, it harbors virtually no pests and offers lots of airspaces and nutrient reserves for your plant's roots. Is widely used to aid drainage in pot culture, 2" layer is placed at bottom of soil or coir plantsto help run-off. Can be fed constantly in hydroponics.

      Rockwool Slabs- This used to be the most popular method of production in holland, is an advanced growers method as it can be very unforgiving if over watered and can be very ph unstable. Otherwise slabs 1m x 10" x 6" are layed into troughs which are fed by timed drippers and run-off nutrient is returned to the reservoir by gulley system.

      Rockwool Cubes - Hugo Cubes 6" x 6" x 8" can be used on their own if growing sea of green method and keeping your plants short. Can be packed in touching each other and fed with timed drippers or flood and drain or even Nft. Smaller 3" cubes are used normally sat on a spreadermat using nft method, the plants rots form a carpet growing horizontally.

      Diatomatious Earth - DiaHydro is a new product in the hydroponic market, it is mined seabed deposits of millions of years of microscopic sealife which forms a chalklike layer. This is mined broken and milled into smaller even sized pieces, it has a very sharp texture to insects and fleas and damages their frail bodies if come into contact with dry diahydro. Is also potassium silicate which is beneficial to plants.

      MediaLess - No media at all, it can be done with sprinkler/sprayer systems supporting the plant with rubber or neoprene collar with bare stem hanging in dark mist chamber.
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