If you follow my work you know all about Jacks Cleaner if not there is an in depth report in my forum. We are in the procces of back crossing JC with an outcross using Space Queen from Vic. While we have an active male we are going to create two other replicatable hybrids. My three favorite strains are Space Queen, Apollo-13, and Jacks Cleaner not in any order they each have a place in my medical needs. I just reliesed the other day I had two A-13's and decided to make what I think is the mother of all three ways. This cross should provide a gene pool any breeder would be proud to start with.

Also Jill and I will be working together on a strain for the first time using her Orange Velvet and my new JTR male. This strain is a replica of a once only availible clone called 7-up. The strain was made created using STS on a Cali O female and using the small amount of pollen created to make a few seeds. STP completed this project and I have wanted to mic the two strains together ( Lemon X Orange) every since. I don't believe in STS so I have taken the opportunty while we have this JC x SQ male to add this to our stable.

Let's look at the JTR male as he meets the ladies for the first time.

He looks pretty happy huh?