Well after months of work we are down to the wire. One of these ywo Jack the Ripper males will be used to complete the JC2 Squaring. Understand how much work this represents, while many just self a Mom and reverse her to achive a back cross I believe the male genes play an important roll and won't use STS as an option. I also feel Somas method of using late stress herms to create females is weak science.

The proper way to cube a strain is to out cross her to a strain you altually enjoy smoking. Thats why we abandoned the JCbx project made with Vic's Blueberry clone back then DJ was a god not some stoner that spent 10 years working with herm traits. No offence meant either his new Blueberry I here is stunning. We all learn

Lets take a look at the Short Phenotype first. Huge leaves and strong stem with an amazing smell. Pengent roting mangos or pineapples.
I feel this one is Space Queen Dominant.

You can see how lush and tight he is.

This is the taller male that I feel is JC dominant. I had to top him he got taller than our light. This one has more of a lemon funk and a tall internodal spacing which is common of JC dominant males.

I am now waiting for clusters to form to see who has the best collection of grapes

Stay Tuned for more data on this project.