Hello to all the fine folks of Breedbay! I have followed Texas Kid and Plan B, as well as Subcool and TGA, to this new forum and hope to find a comfortable place to call home. Texas Kid has been my mentor since I joined ICMag. So there is no way that I wouldn't follow him here. As a fellow Texan and friend of TK, it's the least I could do to come here and support him as he gets "TK Beans" rolling as part of Plan B.

I've been at ICMag for the last year and a half or so and because of all the influx of, shall we say "unusual" folks there, I have sought calmer pastures in which to discuss our beloved herb. It's nice to get in on the "ground floor" here, so to speak and I look forward to seeing this community grow (slowly as she goes) into the board for "serious growers". Let's hope all the kiddies stay away from this one and let us have a no non-sense boards for all of us they mainly like to talk shop.

I'd like to take a moment to thank our gracious host, Pistils, for providing a new safe haven for us "like minded" individuals. Thanks Pistils!