This How To is to show up and coming growers how simple it is to make and run a DWC Bubbler.

Deep water culture or DWC is where you have a plant that is raised in a Net pot containing silicate or clay pebble media suspended above a dark sealed resevoir of bubbling nutrient (aerated via an airpump and airstone). The roots of the plant grow out of the pot and into the bubbling nutrient solution where they can take up essential elements readily due to the high amounts of O2.

My very first hydroponic system was DWC which Pistils sorted out for me to get me onto the right track with Hydro growing THANKS MATE . Take it from me VERY good yields are achievable with this system..

The Fittings, Products and Tools used for this thread are as follows:
  • 20L Bucket and lid (Black)
  • 140mm Net pot
  • 4mm Airline tubing
  • Elite 800 airpump
  • 15mm Green food grade tubing
  • 15mm Grommet
  • 4" Round airstone
  • Drill, hole cutting/enlarging bit, 140mm Hole cutter, 4mm drill bit
Ok first take your choosen Bucket/Tub with a sealable lid lay it on its side and drill a 13mm hole to accomadate the 15mm grommet for a water level tube(the hole needed for the 15mm grommet is 13mm):

Now pop in the grommet, it should sit nice and snugly:

Now cut a length of clear green (or whatever colour) tubing to the height of the bucket from the hole and push a 15mm elbow onto the end. Now push the elbow firmly through the hole in the grommet until it is flush, this will cause the grommet to expand and seal up.
Using a 4mm drill bit drill 2 holes at the top of the bucket where the water level tube comes to and zip tie it tightly to the bucket:

While youve got the 4mm drill bit in the drill do a hole one on each side of the bucket where the handle joins for the airline to be fed into the bucket through:

Now pop the lid on and drill a 140mm hole in the middle of it for the net pot to fit into:

Poke a 1M length of 4mm airline through the hole in the side of the bucket and attach the airstone to the airline sitting in the bottom:

Attach the airpump to the other end of the tubing and hang it from a hook or similar at a higher level than the bucket ( to avoid siphoning back from the bucket incase of a powercut), and thats you DWC bubbler complete:

Heres the roots of a Tobbacco plant on display in a DWC bubbler system. This system consists of 6 plant buckets all interlinked to 2 controller buckets that constantly circulate the nutrient solution by pumping nutrient from one end of the system to another constatly at 1000 litres per hour:

Running the system is simple. Plant clones/seeds straight from clone or seed in 1" rockwool cubes (or equivalent) into clay pebbles or Diahydro in the net pot. Keep the nutrient level, level with the bottom of the net pot and every morning for the first week take a litre of nutrient and pour it over the clay pebbles to moisten them, just until the roots burst out into the bubbling solution. Once a decent amount of roots are in the solution drop the level to 1-2" below the bottom of the net pot according to root growth.
Make up a fresh tank of nutrients each week and replace the solution. Throughout the week maintain a ph of 5.5-6.2 and top up alternating between half strength nutrients and plain ph'ed water (Or maintain using a truncheon/EC/ppm meter).