Well tell it here. Everybody likes a good laugh. Who knows your joke might just be what ends someones bad day.

As always I'll start. (lets keep it kinda tasteful\respectable.

remember both men and women are Members here)

Little Johnny

Mrs. Smith is a 3rd grade teacher In (insert your locality here). Well The time of day has come for her to teach Grammar, and her lesson for the class today is a challenge to use the word fascinate in a sentence. Well after a moment little Sally raises her hand. Mrs Smith, told her to go ahead. and sally then said " my family and I went to my granddad's farm this weekend and It was fascinating."
Mrs. Smith told her very good Sally, but the challenge was to use the word Fascinate not fascinating. After a couple minuets Little Jenny raised her hand to give it a shot. She Said" This summer my family and I drove to the Grand Canyon and I was fascinated." Mrs. Smith then told her " Nice try Jenny, but yet again the challenge was to use fascinate not fascinated.
Well after a few more minuets Little Johnny raised his hand. Having been burned by Johnny before Mrs smith was reluctant to call on him, But she figured what harm could he inflict with the word fascinate. So, she told him to go ahead. Little Johnny stated( my aunt Sara has a sweater with 10 buttons,but her boobs are so big she could only

fasten eight.