Listen up guys, i need to make something clear here! We are guests in a new home! DO NOT SPAM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to just post some bud pics fine, but any and all projects need to go through Pistils testing before they are approved as worthy strains here! Pistils keeps standards very high, and i feel the same way here! Anything out of the ordinary please ask Pistils for permission!

Again we are guests here and i know everyone loves showing there stuff off, but please either ask for permission, or wait till everything gets tested out first!

Everyone please have fun here, but respect the other breeders and members here and not spam anyone! It's not fair for us to walk in here and just posting things when other breeders have went through the tests and approval and we have not!

Guys please give Pistils the respect and cooperation that he deserves.

Pistils please feel free to add anything to this, as we thank you for giving us a place to hang out!