Ok so I get alot of questions on this one to.
Jill simply takes the lower shoots which we concider sucker shoots the day we go 12/12 from main plants.
She dips them in Vita Grow Rooting solution ( Formally Woods) but we get equal succes with cheap as take root powder.
The crucial part is temperature. I find between 72-78 are perfection and if you can hoover at 75 you can show roots in days using simple rapid rooter cubes.
I like the rooters cause you only have to not let em dry out. It dosn't really seem you can over wet them.
You have to spread then open with a nail to insert cutting though it can be a PIA.

Our clones usually are placed in the vegetable keeper for a few weeks so they don't get to big while the bud room finishes.

I took the fresh cut with the single root straight from the plant with scissors and handled it roughly.
6 days boom.

WE use 2 cheap wallmart shoe bins stacked atop each other.
We moniter temp and our cloning location is determined by temps.
Currently its in our office as it just worked out that way.
Siple flos and simple set up.

Distilled Water

I don't recommend new growers delete mothers if we didnt get roots we could loose an intire decade of work. Our strains are backed up with TGA and we never loose a set of clones. Knock on wood.

lets take a look

So Jill takes cuts from plants the day we go 12/12

After 6 days

Simple is best to me