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    Thread: Hey hey netizens!

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      Default Hey hey netizens!

      Decided to go ahead, register and jump in. Stopped by a few times in the past to see the progess but must not have registered. I see a few handles I recognize and those that recognize me know I don't bring the drama. I always try to stick to the facts and remember that the post/reply you are reading was written by another human being that has at least 1 thing in common with me. Sometimes we write things that in retrospect is not a true representation of what we want people base opinions of us on. It is good to remember that we all make mistakes and have the ability to grow from those (although some of us may not accept that yet ). Arguments arise but if we let the principles of constructing a logical argument guide how we state our propositions (position) then we will always maintain civility and remain friends/allies.
      Also, there is a time and a place for slang/cursing but it is not when you are attempting to convey an important point. Take the time to make sure your spelling is correct or at least close, but don't flame someone who misspeels . Plus any extra time you take before committing a heated comment gives you time to reflect if those are words you wish credited to you.

      Damn! I really ain't all that serious peeps. I swear!
      Other than that I felt it necessary to spring clean so to speak in light of recent events. I enjoyed searching for medicinal strains to help with the various afflictions for Lupus & MS patients and we all can use a little relief from low back pain! I'm sure in the future I'll be confident enough to start the search again.

      Personally I was a hydro grower, DIY builder and loved trying new (to me) setups. A vertical grow is definitely in my future plans! You'll mostly find me hanging my hat at HG420 but also at meduser.ca and the occasional icmag post.

      Looking forward to braving new horizons and growing my base of worldwide allies, we are all brothers in arms after all.

      Respect to all and my hand in friendship.
      Last edited by sysprog; 15th February 2006 at 03:44 PM.
      Don't be a thread crapper. Respect to all
      Constructing a Logical Argument

      Support Medical Marijuana. MMJ is nature's medicine for sufferers of Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and others. Increase awareness! God helps those who help themselves.

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