My name is Hooovvv, H to the O V!

I guess it's my turn as i have never formally introduced myself! The names Vegas, and it is truly an honor to be amongst such amazing people!

I do apologize to all the people that seen me show my ass before, as i really need to keep that damn young blood in check! It's a new day, and great people, i am here to do my part to make a difference!

Special thanks to Subcool, and all of TGA, for always being real and honest to me, i hope subby didn't mind us coming over here!

Pistils, thank you, the beans are in the mail!

My whole Plan B family, without you guys i'm nothing!

All the members at Breedbay, truly honored to be in your company, i am very humbled by such great people!

Enough with the drama, it's a new era, let's stick together and protect each other, teach each other, help each other, and most importantly stand behind each other, in such a time of turmoil if we follow these rules, the light will sure shine bright! Let's bring the fun back!

Much love and respect to everyone!