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    Thread: Hello from a NYer nycnoob

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      Default Hello from a NYer nycnoob

      Heya guys.. well i plan to make this a long introduction as I was thinkin about what to say while waitin for 30 minutes as I kept tryin to login with 5 tries used up.. and while tryin to log in every min i think i kept resetin it lol..

      First off, I would like to thank the people that run this site.. I hope I am gettin this right, which is Mzjill,Subcool, Suny, and the admin pistils..
      I was told about a month ago or 2.. by spliffmasta in IC chat..bleh I could have sworn that I registered once he told me when it was by you guys from TGA.. oh well.. no harm in registerin again.I will try not to cause any trouble as I like the work you guys are doing.. I have admit, the companies i love genetics from are you guys, plan b, and rez.

      Second off, to my Plan B Bros and sis,hello and welcome to a new home?.. I think we are like nomads lol..I am lookin forward to learnin more from you guys and building friendships and trust.

      Lastly, i would like to introduce myself as a new york, harvestin on first grow soon enuff, soo quite the noob and not quite the anybody yet (=.. (thx rr for the kind words..) I have to admit I will probably stop and just chill for a bit until everythin is all dandy again..
      So i would like to congratulate the progress mzjill,subby,suny and TGa are doing in the whole MJ community..

      Thanks guys for allowin me to register.. Now i just hope I am welcomed (=..
      Long live TGA and PLAN B and REZ..Did you guys know Ill be takin over there work after they retire... (=..Lol J/k..arghs.. me and my ridiculous dumb humor

      hey sorry guys.. but what exactly is tga.. is it the group you guys call urself? mzjill,sub, and suny? sorry if it isn't. Well if it is.. Then i am glad im right (=

      edited after rr's post..

      man thats what i forgot.. to thank resinryder for the referal.. and thanks to spliffmasta for the first referal.. although dunno what happened to the acct.. it was under the same name..

      and how can I forget... Happy valentines everyone..

      and.. Teresa and MzJill Will you guys be my valentines for the next min. (=.. sorry for steppin on anybody's foot.. but im just kidding (=..seriously subcool kiddin (=
      Last edited by nycnoob; 16th February 2006 at 03:51 AM.

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