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    Thread: Dr Hornby's Big Bud

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      Default Dr Hornby's Big Bud

      Dr Hornby's Big Bud - In my opinion, this is one of the best bloom builders i have personally used and running hydro stores for 5 years you can bet i've tested a truck load of them.

      Im not here to promote my shop at all, i am here to pass on good results i have experienced over the past 12months. Before using this i used usual Pk13.14 and fulvic acid, humic acid, and earthjuice catalyst for fonal week bloom - this was best cocktail of nutrients tested over the years uptil the launce of AN.

      My base Nutrients were Gh Flora Series, which i used to swear by, if god enough for NASA, then hey were good enough for me and good results indeed were achieved with them. Now my base is Sensi Grow A+B or Blom A+B.

      I dose my tank with A+B nutes and Bud Blood for 1st week in Flower, then just A+B 2nd week. Weeks 3,4 and 5 i add Big Bud Boost on top of my A+B Feeds. Ex: to achieve AN EC reading of 1.0 i ,in 100L of water i would add just 1ml/L Ie 100ml A then 100ml B. To then top this up to 1.6 EC which is normally my maximum when using coir, i would add 2ml/L big Bud to give 1.4 EC and i personally add a little Phytamin by plagron. which finishes off at 1.6-1.7 EC. During the first 3 weeks on Big Bud, they fatten up at avery quick rate and continue doing so till ripe.

      Flush With water for 3 days inbetween feed changes i do this every 2 weeks to stop minerals building up in the media and reacting with nutrients and altering PH considerably.

      For weeks 6&7 i add Overdrive instead of Big Bud to same recipe.

      I think that the magnesium and the plant derived amino acids included speed up the processing of the Phosphorous and potassium as the plants definitely drink more when fed AN, compared with identical systems in same room on a different brand drink 25% slower than the AN Fed plants. The Overdrive stage seems to make them almost drip with resin, it also increases the odour quite considerably - beware.
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