Well it's been a long week. The net is a shit storm and people are scurring like roaches. I have tried my best to hold my silience and see whats really happening.

I was worried that RC did not contact me but as you may have read 4 years ago this man did me kindness that I was having a hard time forgetting. My emotions went up and down but still I didn't make calls to old friends that don't use computers and would know whats up. I am not being mysterious here whats important is I believe this to be true at this time.
RC was busted for seeds. They found paper work and will use it to bust canadian breeders that recieved checks from Rc.
At this point it is the canadian gov flexing its muscles. RC is not in jail and IS in comunication with others via his cell phone. He will be the one to suffer the most! The rest between GN, Marc, and POM is a war between idiots that don't give a shit about the cause. One of them sold Rc's info to the other and it's not helping anyone.

Some Between the lines stuff.

If Leo dosn't know about OG and RC is prepared to take the fall other than the paper work trail they found he has to remain off the net.
If You revieved checks from RC and live in canada and arent safe get that way. There probably done leo is lazy.

If I'm wrong when all this pans out I will be shocked the people that I spoke with have no monitary interest what so ever.

They absoltly convinced me the above is close to the marc.

They have been in contact with RC.