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Grower reports: 4 Viewed: 45,925 times Rated by 4 users: 7.82/10'Jacks Surprise' from 180
Lineage: Jacks Cleaner X Grapefruit X C99Family: Unknown or mixed familyOrigin: Not ListedRegion: Not ListedGenotype: Not ListedIndoor Maturation: Not ListedOutdoor Maturation: Not ListedSex Possibilities: Standard (M/F)Stature: Not ListedYield: Not ListedOdor Level: Not ListedOdor Description: Not ListedTaste Level: Not ListedTaste Description: Not Listed

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Breeder's Description - 'Jacks Surprise'

Grower Report - Killer Bees on January 9, 2004, 5:38 pm

5 ImagesOverall Rating: 7 Effect: Varied effectsPotency: 10 Stature: Average size
Veg-Very easy to grow, I nutrient burned some other bag seed I had growing along side this JS. They were fed the same amount and the JS loved it while the others burned pretty bad.

Flower-Frost starts as soon as buds start forming covering all of the leaves around the bud sites. Even the fan leav

Grower Report - david_spade on January 18, 2004, 11:05 am

3 ImagesOverall Rating: 9 Effect: Nicely balancedPotency: 9 Stature: Average size
Jacks Surprise was certainly a SURPRISE. I wish I had taken more clones before flowering, because after 3 weeks thay had out performed the rest of the garden.

The early trichome production and enormous and solid bud production is a real positive grow experience for those wanting to have cured sm

Grower Report - Marksurfs on March 12, 2005, 10:13 am

8 ImagesOverall Rating: 7 Effect: Nicely balancedPotency: 8 Stature: Average size
The buds very good bud flavor and potancy wise. It's very expanding in the lungs . I have a hard time smoking it due to it being so expansive .
I'd say this is a very good bud . I'd give it a 8 in potancy on Marksurfs potancy scale. I have a very high tolerance to pot and it gets me high every ti

Grower Report - joblo on March 26, 2005, 6:06 pm
Jacks Surprise from 180 rated 8.00

5 ImagesOverall Rating: 8 Effect: Couchlock, body stonePotency: 8 Stature: Average sizeYield: 8 Phenotype: IndicaEase: 8 Indoor: 50 to 55 daysAppearance: 8 Outdoor: Varied maturation timesOdor Level: 8 Odor: skunky fruitTaste Level: 8 Taste: Not ListedGrower's Tilt: Not Listed Sexes: Feminized (mostly female)SI Rating: Not Listed Vintage: Not Listed
started late feb. ends in late april...sensi star 2 clones from oakland club...vegged with 400 watt hps hortilux bulb...hydro system using 4 inch pvc pipe,hoses timers for light and nutrients, 5 gallon bucket, fans, and pumps...got really bushy and didnt clip anything until I started my bloom period...bloom really took off at 15 days seeing distinct colas and clipping is necessary...

Garden Information for this report
Bloom Wattage Used: 410w to 1000wAverage Plant Height: 36Plants per Sq. Foot: 2.00Average Yield per Plant: 2.00Pruning or Plant Style: BushFertilization Method: Chemically fed
400 watt hortilux bulb
Pump and Drip hydro setup
3 Gallons everyweek
changed nutes once a week
45-55 days of flowering