Queijo Seeds is focused on the collection, breeding and sharing of Heirloom and landrace genetics. We work with proven genetics that we ourselves collect from around the world, and geneics that are collected by our group of Cannabis conservationists. Our genetic libary is massive, and growing daily.

We focus on making stable IBL lines from proven Heirloom genetics that have stood the test of time. a good example being our work with the infamous Trainwreck clone, to take that through to a IBL that can be shared in seed for. A very special herb, that is also great breeding material. Also our work with the highly proven 'Cheese' clone, which we have backcrossed three times and are now line breeding through to IBL status.

Additionally our team of conservationists is focused on the preservation of Landrace genetics that are under threat around the globe. This is our most important role and longterm goal.We have invested heavilly to make it possible to breed these pure strains outdoor in the best environments possible and we are confident our work can protect some of these vital strains in pure forms for future generations to enjoy.

We are not 'traditional' breeders and our efforts are purely to share the best genetics with the world. Hence we make IBL lines that can be used by other breeders and encourage people to make their own seeds to preserve lines for the future, we help and support those doing so.

Funds from seed sales at Queijo Seeds are all invested in the preservation efforts, it allows us to send people to remote corners of the globe and to search out those real elites and new genetics.

For instance, funds from BBay sales will go to support our team in India and the Hindu Kush, with a mission at the end of Febuary and once again in September we will be there working with the farmers in the area to identify the best Afghanis and Kushs for the forthcoming years.

Here with BBay we intend to share the best of the heirlooms we have worked with recently, some of our proven IBL breeding stocks and some of the worlds most elite Landraces.

Our first offerings here will be our Trainwreck IBL, the Cheese BX3, and our Pure Kush project. Some very exciting herbs that we are proud to share and look forward to seeing the BBay members growing them out.

We have sent a good number of test seeds into the BBay guys of new lines we are working on, and some interesting pure strains for the forthcoming auction site which we think will be great. There is going to be some awesome strains shared here, so keep on dropping in for updates as we get stocks to BBay!

Thanks for the invite here and we will be around frequently to answer any questions!

Take care all,