Lawsuit Challenges Calif. Medical Marijuana Ruling

Man Fired Because Of Pot Use Challenges State Supreme Court Decision

POSTED: 10:31 am EST February 9, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- The nation's largest medical marijuana advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access, is challenging a court ruling that allows California companies to fire workers who use the drug with a doctor's prescription.
The ASA filed its brief with the California Supreme Court. Attorney Joe Elford contends the law allows "discrimination that makes medical marijuana users second-class citizens."
The plaintiff in the case is Gary Ross, a 43-year-old veteran who has been prescribed marijuana for injuries he said he suffered while in the Air Force. Ross said he never uses marijuana on the job.
Ross said his company fired him when he tested positive for pot, despite knowing his status.
Elford said that if the state Supreme Court overturns the ruling, it would protect tens of thousands of medical marijuana users.
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