Hi there . i thought id better let you all know whats happpening with the BBaY auction.

All the script has been installed, it is being tested and we are trying a couple of modifications to help payment of your purchases a little more covert and safer for everyone..

Option 1

We are considering runninga few options with the auction, when you sign up you can either sign up for a free account which means you pay nothing to buy on the auction except the cost of the product and shipping.. However Buy iT now is disabled for free users..

Option 2

When signing up as a buyer you are offered the option to send in cash to credit your account before you start bidding, why you ask? well , examining other aution sites i have noticed the most cause for concern is the length of time it takes to get your purchase.. as the auction site has to wait for postal cash to arrive which can take 8 days depending on where from its sent, then if its american dollars or M/Order it has to be converted and banked which is another few days, then your purchase is sent out which wil take the same time as your payment took to get to the auction site..
So by running in credit, your purchases are sent out immmediately as long as your purchase doesnt overrun your account balance.. You can also use buy it now..

Option 3

You sign up to the auction and choose an account that suits you , sellers ,must pay sellers registration Fee of $50 miniumum to be allowed to list stock, there are no charges to list, just a percentage charge at end of auction depending on value it ends at..

These are some signup options we are testing and evaluating to try and make BBaY the best Auction Site on the Net...