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    Thread: Lowryder grow diary

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      Default Lowryder grow diary

      Hey all, my baby is currently 5 days old now, so Ive posted everything from day 1 on this site (had to copy and paste from skunk.co.uk). I had a few problems with lighting early on, but managed to find the old flourescent tube lamp that was used in a fishtank.
      Sadly, its the only light Ive got at the moment as I really cant afford a CFL and a ballast. Well, Ive got a 20w CFL in my room waiting to be used but cant afford even a cheap ceramic ballast at the moment! Hmm, its tempting to order one from eBay without my parents knowing... Ill be able to pay them back in a week or so. Do you think that she could benefit from the extra 20w even this early on? Oh, and the flourescent is 25w, if youre wondering.

      DAY 2

      Hey all, I finally got round to germinating my second seed (the first one kinda fucked up). The space its in is about 2ftx2ft, and 5ft high, so its plenty big enough for a single Lowryder. At the moment shes just getting sunlight and light from a 20w desk lamp, with a fan blowing on it at nighttime (when its in the closet) to help the stem strengthen. Shes potted in some potting compost, with some bark and perlite added.
      Fiona is currently 2 days old - is she looking OK or not? The only thing thats worrying me is that she is a VERY dark green when the light is off (afraid I cant take a picture of her without the light, as Ive only got a webcam to take pics with and they come out crap with no light on the plant).
      By the way, shes not in the closet at the moment - Im playing her some Bob Marley - What Goes Around Comes Around, Feel Alright, 400 Years, Go Tell It To The Mountain, Judge Not - the older songs.

      Pics - what do ya reckon?

      Edit: Its a lot brighter than it looks - I had to move the lamp quite far away to get half-decent pics. Ill take some more later with my dads digicam. Also, the lamp is about 2.5 inches away from the plant, as it creates quite a bit of heat. This is a good thing for me though, because my bedroom and closet are both quite cold.

      DAY 3

      Sorry no pics as of yet, I'll post some more later.
      I completely foiled up the closet, and put in a 25w flouro that was used for a fish tank. Well, since yesterday shes grown loads! She hasnt gotten any taller, which is a good thing as that means she isnt straining to reach the light. A nice green colour, no yellow or black spots whatsoever. The fan leaves have certainly got bigger though! And Im pretty certain I can see a couple more popping out - but theyre smaller than a millimetre at the moment.
      All in all, she seems to be doing rather well!

      Oh yeah, and if I use this 25w flouro for the WHOLE grow, how much yield should I be expecting (using no nutes)? Its a lowryder by the way, and Im not expecting more than 14g for a first time anyway - hell, Id be happy with a single gram. Its the experience that counts for me.
      Im also hoping that she turns hermie - may sound strange to you, but that means more seeds for me! And if she turns out to be a male (sob), how do I go about collecting the pollen so that I can cross my future Durban Poison grow and also pollenate future LR grows?

      DAY 4

      Anyways, heres some better quality pics for ya!
      Can anyone tell me why shes going a little red at the bottom of the stem?
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