hi fellow growers, thought i say hi to u all and let u know how the grow is going and what i got growing, newish grower well 2 years in and still learning
currently growing 2 ak-47 from clones(1 in coco coir other in soil) 2 white russian serious seeds clones, and 2 cheese 1 soil 1 in coco also clones and also got a dutch passion orange bud seed to in coco( the seed is from my first grow 101 things wrong as most of us do on first grows as a result they hermied the female seed plants i had, so got a good few seeds so thrown 1 in see how it goes and see how much diffrent it will be to my first grows of it)ment to say soils in 11lt square pots and coco in 6.5lt and 1 in a 11lt to see the diffrance in pot sizes on yeild etc, the coco grow are on canna 2 part coco feed but i am thinking to swap them to advanced nutes too or at least 1 to see the diffance
i have used ironics feed in the past and now starting my first full grow with advanced nutes 2 part bloom and grow feeds, noticed a diffrance in veg for the advanced nutes much better looking leafs as in colour and soft to the touch and better growth rates, they are now on day 8 of 12/12 looking good pretty much uniform hight to them all too, strech not to bad so far,going to give them big bud and over drive as hearing good things about it also seeing good things in pics on here from it too, and debating weather to use final flush or not at the end any input will be nice on it
ok my grow room or flower room is about 1.2mx15m but a sloped roof, got a 6in snp inline fan for extraction 2 6inch passive intakes to room from outside of room, using a 400w growlux bulb and a fully air cooled supa nova mylared walls in the room too
got a smaller room with a 125evio blue for early vegging and clones, and it will soon have a mother in there, will at some stage add a 200w evio as got a spare refector and i hope then this will be able to do the vegging all the way till i want to put them in the 12/12 room
i will get some pics up in a few days but only a crappy 1million pixel cam so dont be expect great pics but i guess a pic is better than no pics
well all the best with your grows peps
and thanxs to chronical for all his help and support too
all the best redeyed jedi