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    Thread: Music and plants

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      Default Music and plants

      Music is something we all love and makes us happy but does it really make plants happy? I have always wanted to test this out so I gave the girls thier own Music source with an array of tunes. I have read numerous tests on this and it seems to have a real effect. Starting of with alot of happy keyboard synth music witha full spectrum of sounds to see the effects is what I think is wise. Id love ot play Live Primus, Bob Marley and Pink Floyd but I want the sounds to be constant repetetive and dynamic.

      Now I also understand that early AM time high pitched noises such as birds frequencies have extremely greater effects indoors. There are also tone generators that are suppose have enourmous effects.. I will have to find this out ofr myself. All intial results are possotive, they like electro and techno funk.

      This I found realy intresting in my reading, is this lady crazy or is there some truth to this.


      "So plants respond to music, but did you know that plants create music, too? Well, a biologist from England, Dr Linda Long, has discovered that the molecular structure of proteins found in plants can be used to create music. The question is how.

      [FONT=Verdana]All living matter contains proteins. Proteins are the basic building blocks of life and are essential for cell growth, muscular movement and transmission of hereditary characteristics.

      [/FO`T]Seven sequences for seven notes
      Proteins are made up of a group of an organic compound called amino acids. These amino acids are nothing but combination of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur.

      Dr. Long grouped these combinations into seven sequences. Then she related the seven sequences with the seven musical notes - a note per sequence."

      Each protein in a plant has its own specific tune, which means that if an organism has 100 proteins, 100 musical compositions can be created. Dr Long, who plays the keyboard apart from studying plant proteins, has now turned artist.

      very intresting stuff... Is there truth that plant's create music themsleve's?

      What do you all think about Music and PLants? Do you play Music for you plants? If you did what would you play for them.
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