Marijuana Seizures Up in Missouri
Law enforcement officers around Missouri found and destroyed more than 10,000 cultivated marijuana plants in 2005, and pulled up another 4.5 million wild plants around the state, according to a report released Monday by the Missouri Highway Patrol. In addition to the plants found, officers seized104 pounds of processed marijuana, made a total of 450 arrests, and seized 147 firearms related to the growing and trafficking of marijuana, the report said.

Operation Cash Crop is a cooperative effort between the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri National Guard, Missouri Sheriff's Offices, city and county police departments, Missouri Conservation Commission, U.S. Forest Services, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“Our cooperative efforts continue to locate and destroy this illegal crop,” said Colonel Roger D. Stottlemyre, superintendent of the Patrol. “Citizens have also assisted us in locating marijuana and we appreciate their involvement.”

Many of the cultivated plants were found based on tips

(the original story had a number to call to report tips I decided To remove it. Bubbatail)