I know alot of you "old school" cannaseuers will raise a brow to the quick-cure theory,but we bought an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator (you have to remove every-other tray to accomodate fat buds) and have been using it for our last 2 harvests and it REALLY does do a great job quick-drying fresh harvests.We set it at 105 degrees,run it at 30 minute intervals,flipping larger buds,and Viola!...fresh,sweet buds in about 5 hours.We then jar it up for a day or two and the bud will re-wet itself some (probably drawing the last of the moisture out of the stems) so we place the buds back in the dehydrator for 30-60 minutes more then right back to the mason jars until you're ready to smoke/sell them.I've seen and tried a few fast-cures like microwave,toasters,etc. and they all fail in comparison to the dehydrator.To anyone who needs a decent quick cure,we highly recommend this procedure as your bud comes out REALLY sweet and stoney (it might drop quality 5-10%) but you're done in hours NOT weeks.Just a little tip for fellow impatient growers.

Happy Harvests To All,