the basics of making good butane honey oil,
or butane extracted resin:

what you'll need:

-a bho tube: either from or make one yourself (tips below)
-good butane (King, Colibri, Vektor, etc.)
-screens: either stainless steel (preferred) or coffee filter
-hose clamp or zip ties to hold screen in place
-pyrex dish
-skillet to heat water in
-heating element to heat water
-outside area to do extraction

If you don't want to buy a tube:

find a hose supply service (as in for air conditioning guys) that sells stainless steel pipes and accessories. get a stainless steel pipe, either 3/4's of an inch or 1.5" wide maximum, that can be capped on one side with a stainless steel cap. a "nipple" with threading on either side works great. get at least 1 extra cap for every tube you plan on making (ex: buy 2 if making 1, 3 if making 2, etc.) and something to drill through stainless steel. if you have a big proper drill, go for it, use a 3/8th's of an inch hole. if not, a dremel tool with a carbide attachment works, but make sure to make a straight-up-and-down hole, not angled, or the can will sit funny.

once you have a tube:

put your respective cap on your tube. cover the cap hole with something, duck tape, etc. so herb doesn't spill out.
fill the tube with herb. if using whole nugs, make sure to use a rod of some sort, a wooden dowel works fine, to make sure to move the herb to the bottom and get to use all the space possible. if using ground up herb, tapping it on the palm of your hand or on the ground lightly usually works fine. fill it, but don't pack it:
you'd rather the tube be slightly loose than packed too tight: the butane liquid must be able to move fluidly through the tube and out the filter, or else you risk having the butane force it's way out the top, causing a "blow back", which can be either very annoying or extremely hazardous, depending on how many other dumb ass mistakes you make.
let it be noted, if you don't wear gloves, goggles, a mask and do it outside, you might as well not even do it. this is not a joke.
once the tube is packed, place your filter securely on top. if using coffee filters, trim the excess paper so that goo doesn't get stuck on it. affix your filter using either a hose clamp or zip ties. make sure it stays in place by jerking it either direction: again, you don't want your butane to blow the filter off, that'd be just as bad as blowing out of the top.

once the tube is packed, filtered and ready, prepare your extraction area. make sure the area is clean - leaves, loose grass, bugs, etc. will get stuck if they land in the plate of have evaped liquid. begin heating some water. place your tube and your butane outside. place your extraction dish, your gloves and goggles outside. take a deep breath.

now, you must decide how you want to purge your material. there's two basic choices:

1. standard purge - extract your butane liquid into a pyrex dish and place the pyrex dish in a bath of heated water to where it balances but does not tip. the heat causes the pyrex dish to heat up and the butane evaporates, leaving your resin behind. from there you can either: (a) leave it alone for 24-72 hours to make sure the butane/mercaptans are out, (b) scrape your goo up and, as Mr. Kut taught us all, use a lighter or a butane torch to force the butane and mercaptans out by floating the tip of the flame near the resin material but not allowing it to touch it, removing the heat whenever froathy bubbles come, popping the bubbles and repeating until no more bubbles are evolved and the resin reaches a consistent color or (c) use a hair dryer or a heat gun to "hot air purge" the bad stuff out by applying hot air and spinning the plate, occasionally popping bubbles until no more bubbles come. if it's your first time, option a or c is suggested if you plan a standard purge.
2. (prop's to Dank Hash Master and Ryoko who helped develop this method)
water precipitation method - basically, butane evaporates at a lower temperature than water. so, if you pre-heat some water, either on the stove or by superheating it in the microwave (1 minute at a time, if you see steam, or ANY bubbling, it's ready) then do your butane extraction into that, then the butane will be force evaporated and the resin will be precipitated out and be left floating in the water. this works because not only does butane evaporate at a lower temperature, but it's also a non-polar, so it will always make a seperate layer from, never mix with, water, which is a polar. once the hot water has precipitated out the goo, spin the plate gently to get the goo to stick to the walls of the plate.
put on new gloves, ones that don't have dust on them, nitrite, etc. use new razor blades to scrape the goo out and put it in a new plate.
(for those who want to save time and effort, you can use the flexible silicon dishes available at Target and other fine retailers to heat the water in the microwave, do your butane extraction into it, swirl the water to get it to stick to the walls and simply pour the water out, because the goo will stick to the walls, but it's highly suggested you do the budder step explained next if you choose this route.)
then, you can either leave the goo for a few days to dry out in that plate, use a hair dryer to heat the water out by spinning the plate and applying air heat or make budder with it. (prop's to the unknown grower for teaching us how to make budder)
to make budder, dissolve your goodies in alcohol (easier if the alcohol is slightly heated) and re-evaporate the alcohol. allow the plate to sit until the goo hardens up. then, scrape the goo up and place it in the center of the plate. heat some water, to a boil, place the heat safe dish in the water. when the goo melts out, take it out and use a safety pin to stir it a LOT. you can use a small head on a drill or numerous kitchen appliances if you think outside the box.
re-heat the water, repeat this process 3 or more times. when the resin comes back hard, yet malleable, totally different from how it was before, you've aerated the goo, making it into "budder". give yourself a gold star.

once you've decided how you're going to purge it, set up your station: either placing a dish with hot water nearby to place the dish in after you extract into it, or placing your dish with hot water in the designated spot to extract into. take the tape off your tip. make sure you have at least 1 extra can of butane - remember, a 60 ml colibri can is fine for a quarter of dank in a small tube, but you want at least 300 ml, such as a King can, for an oz, for example - place your goggles and gloves on and do your extraction.
if you really need help visualizing this further, it's like re-filling a lighter: you place the butane can tip in, apply pressure, the gasseous butane comes out in the sealed (more or less, provided you drilled the hole right) tube and condenses to a liquid, grabbing the goodies as it goes and the liquid drips out the filter.
you want to use enough butane that the liquid comes out clear. it should come out yellow, amber or some other color (green, red, lots of different colors) at first, showing the resin content, and will go crystal clear when you've gotten all the goodies.

place the tube someplace in sunlight or a safe outside area after using so the fumes can escape. then clean the tube well using hot water and alcohol if necessary. if you used whole nugs, collect, grind up and re-extract. if not, throw 'em away someplace that's not where you live.

go back to the purging stage if you need more help with purging.

to smoke, either place some on some herb in a bong and toke it, vaporize using a TiPV from (if you're using legal oil only, of course!) or make pills with it or inject it for all i care.
okay, don't fucking inject it, you junkie, that'd be really stupid. only inject diabetics. or tattoo ink.
to hold it, either place it in a vial by heating the vial gently and placing small amounts in at a time and heating the vial to get it to the bottom or go the easier route and place it in a tin, like an altoids tin.

remember, chemical extraction of canna-goods can lead to safe, responsible material, but only if purged fully and made responsibly. never do any of this.

who ever said hippies couldn't find uses for petro-chemicals?