Pandemonium cake


Firstly you can decide on either to punch or to kick your best mate who's
gonna be helping you to choose the cake mixture, usually because they all
look the same and undoubtedly you are gonna cause a scene in aisle 5 of
"home baking" in Asda... Once you have decided on your cake mixture, (and
made up with your best friend), personally I recommend "Dennis the menace",
(89p at Asda) which can make up to 12 cup cakes- best thing is that no other
ingredient is needed other then an egg and 30mls of water.

You can start off by placing the grease-proof paper cups in a baking tray, then
pre heat the oven to gas mark 6(or 160 degrees Celsius). Obtain a reasonably
sized mixing bowl, empty out the mixture into the bowl add one egg and 30mls of
water, then with some sort of mixing instrument (I used a fork), stir the mixture
until its smooth and creamy. At this point you should be ready to add the
secret ingredient - the cannabis resin, depending on the how strong your resin
is, I recommend about a 1/4 of an oz (later you can add some more). Once you
have added your resin to the cake mixture, fold the resin into the cake
making sure the resin is crumbled into a really fine powdery texture. Once
you have done that I advise you lick the fork (or whatever instrument you
decide on to stir your mixture with), you then place the tray into the oven
for about 10-12 minutes, check up on them every couple of mins. While the
cakes are baking, empty out the icing sugar(found in the box) into another
bowl, add water (not too much) about 5-10mls, stir until the mixture is
heavily textured.

By now the kitchen should be stinking of lovely cannabis essence, take
the tray out of the oven, best way to check if the cakes are done is you
get a knife, with the pointy end stab the cake. If the knife comes out clean
then the cakes are done, (if not place them in the oven for a couple more
mins.) Once the cakes are done, individually ice them and place the sugary
stickers of your favourite Dennis the Menace character on your cake. Sprinkle
some more resin on your cakes, then eat them accordingly...

Pandemonium will take place in an hour!!!!