We are happy to announce we have secured some Dank genetics from Queijo seeds. We have a number of BreedBaY members already testing these strains out...

These are the new lines coming to Cannaseur early next week....

Trainwreck IBL
> --------------
> This is a completed project taken throuogh to true breeding IBL
> status. A world renowned Sativa dominant that is without doubt some of
> the strongest on earth.
> Cheese bx3
> ----------
> This project has now been taken to BX3 and we are happy to offer a
> strong, staiva dominant that is at least the equal of the famous
> cheese clone in both strength and smells, a unique combination
> stabillised within the bx3 generation.
> > Pure Kush
> ---------
> A pure afgani collected in the hindu kush and selected for indoor
> production. Fat and fast with very powerfull stone. Very purple
> flowers and trichs on some plants, ass kicking high on all. Sub 9
> weeks flower.
> > Herijuana x Pure Kush
> ---------
> A powerfull F1 of the best medical indicas we have in the collection,
> very strong herb that is excellant pain killing medicene and produces
> and incredible stone and body numbing high.

We are also requesting test seeds so you can watch their progress before taking the plunge and Ordering any... some IBL strains are on the horizon... more news here soon...