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    Thread: Dodging Bullets

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      Exclamation Dodging Bullets

      I know we've all had our close calls. Be it with Work, the Police, Drug Test, or even Family as far as the good Herb is concerned.

      I thought that It might be helpful for us to share these close calls, and how we dealt with them, or any ways you could have better dealt with these bullets.

      I had a big ass bullet to dodge yesterday. I was injured at work suffering 3rd degree burns to the back of my hand. As this was an injury I could not hide I had no choice but to report the accident knowing a drug test was sure to follow.
      Well I smoke heavily every day so this was a big problem. (Got more lucky than anything) My company is to cheap to let the hospital do the testing and had me return to work after the visit to the emergency room for urine testing. Which gave me enough time to drink about 2-3 gallons of water. Well I returned to work Bladder full and nervous as hell to boot
      Having to wait like 20 minuets to relive my self while the lady prepared the test and paper work that was associated with it was far more painful than the wound on my hand.(3rd degree burns really don't hurt)
      Finally she was ready and so was I, we entered the bathroom she handed me a cup and gave me instructions not to flush the toilet and asked about the contents of my pockets. I went in the stall and done my business. The specimen was crystal clear. Upon seeing this the nervousness eased away along with the excruciating pain associated with the horrid wait.

      Exiting the stall I handed her the sample and she immediately took note of the temp which was in the acceptable range I assume considering she didn't state otherwise. She then inserted a test stick thing into the specimen. Thats when the nervousness once again showed her evil head.
      The next five minuets seemed like an eternity. finally she turned to me and said. And I quote(their is barley a line for marijuana. just enough for me to see. But thats all I need to give you negative results on this test.
      So if you are doing anything, even on the weekends be careful. They test for the littlest $hit here.) I was astonished. Right away I could tell she was a smoker, but I just nodded and left the bathroom with a big smile and a look of relief on my face. Bubbatail
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