Hi there, well i have decided to begin my breeding project using the Uk clone only Cheese and a selection of test male pollen. I am hoping to find a compatible male for the cheese from the following male pollen donors, i will be growing out the first seeds from these crosses in the next coming weeks and months.

Males Used..

I have always thrown males before, and now i have been collecting them and am in the process of testing how each males genes interact with the cheese, hopefully i will find a male which only adds a subtle amount of its own genetics, thus simplifying a bx back to the cheese mom, naturally i will create F2's initially to unlock a lot of the possible pheno's then select the best hybrid 50/50 plant for a seperate hybrid project as well as search for the illusive cheese dominant male.

So, the male linup is as follows:

Blue Thunder (Rm), > donated by Gooeybreeder - Purple Dom Male
Jacks Suprise
Orange Velvet
Samui - sourced from Koh Samui Thailand

I must admit, collecting pollen is a new experience and is sort of like milking a gnat, i used cuttings from the selected males which were placed into a 12/12 closet in pop bottles till they started showing pods, then they were seperated into seperate closet spaces for pollen collection and contained in airtight tubs and labelled.

I then placed the cheese mom into flower roughly 1 week before starting the males in flowering, i did the pollinations seperately 3 days apart by basically selecting lower buds to be pollinated with Pollen A which was then left in a fanless closet for 2 days and then hosed down to wash off any unused pollen, then pollen B was used and the process repeated as to cut down the chances of stray pollen.

So.. this was carried out over the past 2 weeks after the cheese mom reached day 25 bloom onwards. i believe all the pollen took apart from the 1st attempts which was bluethunder, i think that i will only get a few cheese x BT seeds as it was a little damp the day i pollinated and the closet was a little too humid i think and also the pollen was 5 weeks old at the time, I have some Blue Thunder Seeds on their way to me, so i think i will select a male from those for another attempt.

Note.. all the males selected were selected for the following reasons:

each one was hard to sex, didnt want to show their balls off till tripped into 12/12, although a high number of males show very early in preflower stage and some auto flower even under 18/6, which from other breeders experiences arent the best candidates for breeding, aloso their structure stood out from other males initially seperated for selection and they all have a very strong odour when their stems are rubbed. Obviously their credibility for breeding will only be apparent after the resulting seeds are grown out and studied.

So.. as i am concentrating on Cheese as my main breeding plant i have registered a company name to market these under, wven though it may be years before i actually release any beans, depending on how these crosses go and how many undesirable traits are unlocked in each subsequent pollination..

Dank Dairy Seeds is born... currently in research and development stage...