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    Thread: Fungus? Magnesium?

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      Default Fungus? Magnesium?

      I appreciate any help. These boys and girls will gather pearls of wisdom falling from your mouths (wash off the blood, wash off the rum).

      The other morning, things took a quick down-turn.
      * The Mandala HashBerry and Mr.Nice Walkabout Mix younglings both appear to have suffered from some kind of fungal attack. No pic, but I have a Sagarmatha Garden Mix youngling that has a few barely noticable brown splotches.
      * The Tiki Mix youngling has little brownish-yellow spots that I believe to be Mg deficiency.
      * The Mandala Safari Mix seedling is suffering from what I believe to be pythium (damping off). I've lost 8 seedlings of T.H.Seeds S.A.G.E. to this.
      * The Satori is beautiful.

      REMEDY (thus far):
      1.) Epsom Salt (for Magnesium)
      I put a small pinch of epsom salt into about an 8 ounce spray bottle, and have given several sprays to
      * Mandala HashBerry
      * Mr.Nice WalkAbout Mix
      * Tiki Mix
      2.) Sulfur (treat fungus)
      I have 'Safer Brand' Garden Fungicide (0.40% Sulfur), which I have sprayed on all the plants.
      3.) GH's 'SubCulture' (for Pythium)
      From the beginning, I treated the soil of all of these plants with GH's 'SubCulture' innoculant. I have treated the Mandala Safari with an extra does of 'SubCulture' at it's base, and it seems to have helped. I hope it can pull through this, but I am doubtful.
      4.) Bat Guano
      I'm wary of having done this, but... in an endeavor to stabilize the soil mineral content, I have added about 1 teaspoon of bat guano (10-3-1) to the soil around the plant base to the:
      * Tiki Mix
      * Mandala HashBerry

      This batch was all planted in a mix of the following:
      * 50% - Seedling Soil Pre-mix (sphagnum peat moss, perlite, composted softwood bark fines, lime & wetting agent)
      * 30% - worm castings
      * 20% - perlite
      (I know, not the best mix, but I'm new at this. From now on, I'll be following Mandala Mike's advice and going with straight premixes and maybe some extra worm castings)

      Until the past few days, I had a tea that had been brewing for about 3 weeks (yes, the same tea). When it would smell bad, I would add more unsulfered molasses, and the smell would dissipate. The tea was aerated with a fish tank aerator, and consisted of a small amount each of:
      * molasses
      * worm castings
      * rabbit feed (for alfalfa)
      * rolled oats
      * kelp meal
      I probably shouldn't have let the tea go for 3 weeks.
      I would mix this tea half-and-half with water and use this for watering. And pour the remaining weak solution back into the brew.

      I watered with this weakened brew every watering. I watered at intervals of every day or two - whenever the soil felt dry to about 3/4 inch deep.

      Given the state of my poor plants, I'm going to change my tea mix. I've got 1 quart brewing that consists only of a shitake mushroom and some raw sugar.

      As for water quality, I only used bottled water, as the tap water here has a very high pH.

      - Until about 1 week ago, I was using compact flourescents (always on 24/7).
      - Now, I'm only using sunlight, which hits direct from afternoon until evening.

      Always lots of good fresh air.

      Regarding T.H.Seeds beans - I'm new to this, so it is probably totally my fault, but the other brands of beans I've germinated have been much healthier than the T.H.Seeds beans.
      - I've gone through 4 of the Skunk XXX - all in the same medium in which the other seeds had no trouble germinating. All 4 have turned to fuzzy mold. These beans appear to be lifeless.
      - I've lost 8 of the S.A.G.E. to pythium. At least the S.A.G.E. beans have some life in them.

      I'm trying a Coco Premix (sphagnum peat moss, coco coir, worm castings, pumice). So far:
      * A HashBerry seedling has popped its head and is looking spunky.
      * The Skunk XXX bean appears to be a total waste of time.
      * Just today, I planted 1 of the remaining 2 S.A.G.E. beans - I hope the GH Subculture will help me fight off the pythium that I'm expecting.

      Shout out to Mandala Mike - your beans rule!
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