Hey guys I have five clones of different strains in rapid rooters using Pistil's cloning guide...they have all been showing roots all down the stem and filled in the bottom of the "hole" in the cube for like probably 3.5-4 days, but only one of them has significant roots out the bottom/sides of the cube like Pistils' picture of the finished result shows before transplant.

I'm wondering if I can't just transplant them into a lightened Fox Farm soil and place them in a (shadier) spot outdoors (the humidity here is always high this time of year, I mean like 80%!), cause I just returned from two and a half days away, and they don't look any different really above-ground or root-wise. They're under 55W of 5100K CFL (and have been under since cut).

Basically, the question is, how long do you have to wait to transplant clones using RR cubes ("root riot" in the UK)?