hey all im hopein this is the place to post this info, as im gettin questions and all, so i thought i could make one post, describe the crosses ive done. and just make it easier for myself and others.

most everything ive done has been to see just what is actually takin place when i do a cross. most everything has been test crosses. you can see there are alot of JCBX1 and strawberry cough crosses, as there the lines im most familiar with.

so ill start from the beginnin, and bring ya all up to date, first crosses i did were with TomHills Deep Chunk. at this point i just wanted to make seed and see what i would get, had some different plants in the grow, and hit um all, lol. these crosses were with a single male DC.

cripple creek X DC, 2 cripple creek females used, the one is the plant ive sent around, and still floatin around. this line is at its second gen in seed.

RMs Blueberry sativa X DC, BleuChunk, single female used in this one. no reported grows of this cross. untested

Black Dominia X DC, BlackChunk, a few have grown this one, and i have posted here on breedbay on the line. wasnt raved over, but there is a select cut, found by meduser and its stuck in canada, lol. killer buds, big yield and almost goes total Black in color. West Coast Cropper loves the plant.

this next bunch of crosses were done while i was gettin into really lookin at the SC line. two SC males were used to continue the SC, and i hit up some select cuts that were in the grow. pollen was mixed and then went at it.

Blue Sat#1(Hieagles grape cut) X SC, DoubleBerry, i believe mothra is goin to start this one up here in the near future. very small amount of beans left of this one. untested

BubbaKush(katsus cut) X SC, BubbaCough, only one i know of that has grown this cross is Teresa, she had um goin when she had her accident, so dont know if she finished um. untested

NYCD(BGs huge yieldin fuelie pheno) X SC, this one Teresa also grew out, and she did send me some feedback.....I just recently had the great pleasure of trying a couple new crosses you made with the Cough in it as well your N.Y.C.D. x Strawberry Cough could easily be one of the best strain's ive had the pleasure of trying.Even though it was neglected big time after my accident still came out very good.It was as frosty as it get's (Cough side i think ) and was a very HUGE yielder......teresa

CrippleCrk X SC, Tarberry, this one ive kept the seed to myself for futher work. used the select CC female i found. these will be germinated here shortly for the next gen.

next batch of crosses involved Subcools JCBX1, i was very impressed with the overall product, to me all the plants turned out well, and yielded great. one female just slapped ya in the face hard when the head came on. i used three males, mixed pollen for most of these early crosses with JC. i did make many packets of JC pollen and froze it. some are mixed pollen and some i have are from two of the males seperated.

JCBX1 first incross of the sibs. this is prolly the largest run of seed ive done. OG bub currently has a run of these goin, and you can eyeball the grow in Subs forum. 3 males across 4 short stout females. some seed left.

SourDeez(originalcut) X JCBX1, three males jump the sourDeez. mothra is currently runnin this cross, there just startin flower. search here and you can follow the grow. natty gurrl has the last of um, there will be no more work planned with this one.

to be continued,