I just happened to look at the bottom of the main page just now and saw how many people were online. It's not the numbers but the quality that blew me away. We have some of the greatest "green thumbs" around online here now with the likes of Subcool, BLG, Billygoat, Babbabud, Potroast, Hot Cargo, Gooeybreeder, Cedarberry Farms (CBF), Blatant, Mothra, iTeach, broskif (Allmanbroskif), Redwood-roots and so many others . . . all online just at this moment! And that doesn't count all the other great growers/breeders that aren't here right now.

Breedbay is truly blessed to have so many fantastic growers and knowledgable canna-folks these days. It's a true testiment to the peaceful, brotherly, dank-based approach that Pistils, Doc Bob and Subby have built this great, up and coming site upon. I, for one, am proud to be a part of this great community and am humbled by all the fantastic talent that now graces our board! A big congrats to everyone and thank you all for being here. All the membership of Breedbay is better just by your presence here. Thank you all!