Subject: CANADA: Steve Kubby Could Be Taken From Canada to California

Source: Bay Area IndyMedia

Friday 13 Jan 2006

Steve Kubby, a medical cannabis patient, has been living with his family
in Canada for the past five years. Kubby was convicted in 1999 of
misdemeanor drug possession (for possessing minute quantities of
mescaline and psilocin) stemming from a marijuana raid on his Placer
County, California home. With permission of the court, Mr. Kubby and his
family moved to Canada in 2001 where he became a legally registered
medical cannabis patient with Health Canada to treat symptoms of a rare,
life-threatening form of adrenal cancer. Kubby has managed his condition
exclusively with cannabis since the 1980s, and is recognized as one of
the longest living survivors of the disease.

While Kubby has been living in Canada, the Placer County prosecutor
moved to have the misdemeanor conviction upgraded to a felony punishable
by jail time. Immigration Canada is now trying to expel Kubby to the
United States to serve his sentence, and the case is under consideration
by a Canadian federal judge. If he is returned to the United States,
Kubby would serve his sentence in Placer County, where he would most
likely be denied access to medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal marijuana supporters are being asked to call and/or fax DA
Fenocchio and Assistant DA Cattran to ask whether that they would
provide medical cannabis to Mr. Kubby, who is an approved patient in the
state of California, were he to serve his sentence in their county jail.
The theory is that if these prosecutors receive enough calls in support
of Mr. Kubby's case, they could be reluctant to imprison him, or become
more likely to make sure he receives proper access to his medication. If
they refuse to provide access to marijuana, the Canadian government
might be reluctant to return Kubby to a country where he would not be
given the medical treatment that he needs.